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2,000 - 6x8 Firs

1,000 - 8x10 Firs

Please contact us directly for pricing and pick up/delivery information!

2023 Late Season Inventory Coming Soon

We specialize in a variety
of signature quality fir trees

Fraser Fir


•Crown is conical

•Straight branches

•Dense young, open in maturity

•Smooth bark


Balsam Fir

•Relatively Dense

•Rich green needles
yramidal - slender spire-like tip.

•Good needle retention after cut


Douglas Fir

  • Blue/Green Needles

  • Lush Tree with Soft Needles

  • Very Fragrant

  • Fresh up to Four Weeks


Noble Fir

  • Silver Blue/Green Needles

  • Layered, Upswept, Stiff Branches

  • Excellent for Ornament Display

We take pride in the quality of our fir products. Our corporate office is in Michigan.  Our main farm is located in West Jefferson, NC where we are able to produce, store, and package all of our items in a climate controlled environment so they arrive to our customers as fresh as the day they were made. All products are individually inspected to ensure quality and consistency.

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